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How To Survive While Renovating Your Single Bathroom

The exciting part about your decision to remodel an old outdated bathroom is that you will be getting rid of the eye sore that you are exposed to every day. After-all, if you have only one bathroom in your home- we are willing to bet that you are in there each day and multiple times per day. In this light, why not renovate your only bathroom to make it a beautiful place?

The first step to renovating your single bathroom is planning the logistics behind how you and your family will handle the renovation.

Here are a few tips to minimize stress when your only bathroom is under construction:

Bathroom Renovation by Jen Contracting Group in Alexandria, VA - 2018

1. Hire Professional Help

Professionals can help you work out a step-by-step plan to reach your goal ensuring your design, budget, and timeline are realistic. And since you’re taking your only bathroom out of commission, you’ll want to start and finish as fast as possible.

2. Decide “Where Will We Go?”

Households with a single bathroom under construction will need to make provision for their family’s basic needs. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Set up a temporary toilet and shower

  • Ask a neighbor to use their facilities

  • Stay with friends or family or at a hotel

  • Rent or buy an RV

  • Take a vacation

3. Have Fun with It

When renovating your bathroom you will be forced to make multiple decisions. Some decisions are more critical than others but most will have quite a large impact on the rest of the work downstream or the lifespan of your new remodel. The best thing to do is to just enjoy the decision making process and have fun with it. You're the boss here!

In conclusion, plan ahead and enlist expert help to keep minor hassles from turning into major headaches during your family’s bathroom renovation. Embrace the remodeling process and take plenty of before and work-in-progress photos. Remind yourself that the inconvenience is temporary and keep your eye on the exciting prize – your dream bathroom.

If you're located in the Northern Virginia or Washington D.C. area and looking for an easy-to-work-with contractor with quality craftsmanship, reach out to us

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We look forward to the opportunity of helping you bring your home improvement vision to life!

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