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Jen Contracting Graduates from the Turner School of Construction Management

Congratulations to our very own Alex Aguilar, Director of Business Development at Jen Contracting Group LLC who graduated from the Turner School of Construction Management on behalf of Jen Contracting this spring! Alex received training in business plan development, financial planning, estimating, construction law, bonding and insurance from industry experts who led the Turner program.

Since 1969, the Turner School of Construction Management has provided women- and minority-owned business enterprises (M/WBEs) and other small-business owners with formal training to develop the skills necessary to be competitive in the marketplace.

"Apart from the valuable knowledge that we have gained in order to better our services for our clients, we are excited about the relationships we have formed with our cohort! We look forward to all of the opportunities ahead that this program has made way for!" says Alex.

Turner is one of the leading general builders in the United States, ranking highly in the major segments of the building construction field. Last year Turner completed more than $10.4 billion worth of construction projects. Founded in 1902, the firm is one of the world’s leading international construction service providers. We are honored to have learned a great deal from one of the most noteworthy firms in our industry and we look forward to using our knowledge to better serve our clients!

Bravo, Alex!

- The Jen Contracting Group Team

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