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5 Kitchen Design Trends You Need To Know About In 2019

We’ve compiled a list of the 2019 kitchen trends you may want to keep in mind while planning a kitchen remodel project this year!

As the centerpiece of your home, your kitchen is super important to the overall aesthetic and flow of your home. It is common that as a homeowner, you spend a lot of your time in this room whether it is cooking, browsing for food, or eating. Be sure to make it the best room in the house by including some of the following touches.

So let's get to it, here are the hottest kitchen trends you need to know about for 2019:

1. Pendant Lighting

Kitchen Remodel Performed by Jen Contracting Group - Washington, D.C.

Kitchen Remodel pictured above was Performed by Jen Contracting Group - Kitchen Remodel in Washington, D.C.

While recessed lighting has been a staple for quite some time now, homeowners are looking for a change towards expression and individuality. Pendant lighting has been a great way to achieve this. Whether you are looking to add a noteworthy but simple centerpiece like our client who's kitchen is pictured above or looking to do something more drastic, the options for pendant lighting at the home improvement stores are plentiful this year! You'll be sure to find something that suits your home and style.

2. Kitchen Storage - Open Shelving

Accessibility is key here. Increasingly our lives our getting busier and busier. Our clients have found that open shelving not only allows them to show off those beautiful dishware pieces they've kept stored away for years, but also allows them to easily access plates, cups, mugs etc. without opening up cabinets in search for the things they can't easily see.

3. Differing Kitchen Materials

Photo courtesy of Mattamyhomes.

Cohesive while different. Notice the wood, floor, and counter are all vastly different but still go well together! Homeowners are starting to notice that dramatic contrasts can give their kitchen the pop it needs.

4. A Pop of Color

Homeowners are seeming to break away from the more monotonous & monochrome scheme of an all-white kitchen. Accent walls, accessories, backsplash motifs, you name it... the color pop possibilities are endless!

5. Copper Fixtures and Accessories

Copper accents can give your kitchen a very classy vibe. Metallic accents are being used most often for small fixtures, such as taps, faucets, or cabinet handles and complement lighter colored countertops or darker toned cabinets quite nicely.

Do you have a kitchen renovation plan in the works? Are you ready to add some of these touches to your kitchen renovation plans? We can help find solutions that will fit your budget and needs! To contact us today (click here).

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